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Based at Northwestern Medicine Huntley Hospital, Dr Abbas Rampurwala is your local independent interventional cardiologist. His mission is to help patients avoid heart failure by treating the condition before it gets that far.

When you are having heart issues, establishing a good connection with a cardiologist can be a matter of life and death. It is obviously essential to find a physician that has the skills to deal with your issues but is equally important that your cardiologist understands you as a person and takes his/her time with you.

Some criteria for finding a cardiologist that is right for you are:

Independent physician vs hospital based physician

There are a number of benefits to having an independent physician as your medical provider. Independent physicians typically have more experience and expertise in specific areas of medicine, which can make them better qualified to treat specific conditions. Additionally, many independent physicians work with a variety of insurance companies, which can make it easier to find coverage for treatments and procedures.

Even though independent physicians are not paid by the hospital it does not mean that they are not treating patients in the hospital. Dr Rampurwala is a, so called, admitting physician for Huntley hospital, which means that anytime his patients are admitted to the hospital on Haligus road, he will be taking care of that patient during his/her stay there.

Interventional cardiologist or regular cardiologist

Interventional cardiology is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases using complex procedures and technologies. These specialists are often called upon to perform procedures such as angioplasty, coronary stenting, and cardiac bypass surgery. They may also be trained in the use of new medications and devices to treat heart disease.

Regular cardiology is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases with conventional methods such as blood tests, x-rays, and surgery.

As an interventional cardiologist, Dr Rampurwala is able to do all procedures a patient with heart disease may need. He is also qualified to do any and all treatments a regular cardiologist would do. So, if you need a cardiology specialist and you live in Huntley, Dr Rampurwala is an excellent choice.

Choosing a physician in the Huntley area:

Generally, when a person is looking for a physician, they will consider the location of the practice. However, when it comes to heart health, it is important to also consider the doctor’s qualifications and experience. To find a doctor who is qualified and experienced in heart health care, you may want to consider finding a doctor who is affiliated with a respected medical center or hospital. Additionally, you may want to ask your friends or family members who have had good experiences with certain doctors if they would be willing to recommend them. Dr Rampurwala has his office in Algonquin, but is only a few miles away from Northwestern Huntley hospital.

Read more about “Dr R” on his bio page.

Cardiologist in Algonquin - Abbas Rampurwala

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